Maltese Style Baked Macaroni


Crunchy on top, yet moist in the middle, this is a favourite dish in our home. In many households this dish is traditionally made with a mixture of minced meat (ground crumble),  usually both pork and beef mixed. They then bind it with eggs – I used tofu instead which did a great job.  Cheese is added, which also helps the mixture to bind – I used my own homemade cheese, but use whatever you […]

Leek, Zucchini, Spinach & Mozzarella Quiche With An Almond Topping & Quinoa & Multigrain Crust


A delightful quiche – child friendly, full of flavour and extra nutritious with its sublime filling and great crust.  This is ideal to take with you cold to the beach or on a picnic.  Or serve warm at home with your favourite salad – either way, you will love it and it’s almost impossible to tell it is vegan and totally cholesterol-free.  Enjoy this any time of year – also feel free to vary and […]

Best Ever Pasta Salad – Gluten-Free, Cholesterol-Free, Lactose-Free, & Vegan of course


I knocked up this salad at lunchtime to take to the beach, and it was awesome – really tasty, wonderful flavours and textures.  My young daughter loved it too, which is saying something as she is a fussy one !  The combination of sweet and savoury lingers on, and makes you feel as though you are eating your main meal and dessert together, except that the flavours really compliment one another.  An excellent treat for […]

Fusilli with Spinach, Labneh ‘Cream Cheese’, & Roasted Black Olives


This was amazing, delicious and to die for.  Labneh is beautiful, and I have actually realized, ever so versatile.  I got an idea to mix it with pasta and see what happens, and to our surprise and delight it was so smooth and beautiful, rich yet light – I can’t explain how easy to eat this was.  I added pre-cooked spinach and tossed in some black roasted olives, drizzled on some olive oil, and garnished […]

My Labneh Cheese


Strained yogurt (a.k.a., yogurt cheese, labneh (Arabic: لبنة‎ labnah),Turkish yogurt or Greek yogurt) is yogurt which has been strained (in a cloth or paper bag, or filter) to remove its whey, resulting in a relatively thick consistency (between that of conventional yogurt and cheese) — all while preserving yogurt’s distinctive, sour taste. Yogurt strained through muslin is a traditional food in the Levant, Eastern Mediterranean, Near East, and South Asia, where it is often used […]

Handmade Vegan Cheeses Available Online Soon


Handmade 100% Dairy-Free Artisan Cheeses made to order by award-winning chef Miriam Sorrell. These gourmet delights take vegan cuisine to another dimension, and can be shipped to your door. Available to purchase online soon – if you’re interested, please private message us on Facebook or leave a comment below.  

Beaming Sunshine Energy Salad


A powerhouse of nutrients, beaming with colour – this appetizing salad is what I treated myself to today.  I needed a ‘pick-me-up’, and wanted art in my plate, so this is was what I composed.  Garnish with raw sesame seeds or hemp seeds.  Buy organic whenever possible.   Makes 1 large portion or 2 side plate portions INGREDIENTS 2 slices sweet cantaloupe melon, chopped into squares 1 spring onion (scallion/green onion), chopped (mine was rather […]

Peasant-Style Buckwheat & Broad Bean Stew


My elder sister, who is a fantastic cook, went vegan a year or so ago.  She was a perfect cook then, and, prior to my going vegan, I always lapped up anything she prepared.  I visited her a short while back in England, and I was blown away by the amazing dishes she served us – she is also a gluten free vegan.  But this has not deterred her creations in any way.  Here is […]

Earthy Porcini & French Lentil Pâté


Here is a wonderful pâté, that you will enjoy time, and time again. The texture is close to real pâté, but without the cholesterol or cruelty.  It is ideal for taking out to picnics, as a starter, or to round off a satisfying meal.  It is perfect in sandwiches, and can be the basis of a light lunch, served with a fresh mixed salad of your choice.  A great combination of flavours, which will be […]

No ‘Meat’ Balls with a Romano Pepper & Pomegranate Tomato & Wine Reduced Sauce


I don’t wish to blow my own trumpet, but this is the best spaghetti with vegan balls I have ever tasted – in fact my husband said it’s the best he has ever had, both in vegan and non-vegan cuisine.  A masterpiece in taste, texture, aroma, colour and mouth-feel.  Just make it and see for yourself !  Enjoy !   INGREDIENTS FOR THE MEATBALLS 2 slices of brown bread (whizzed into breadcrumbs) 1½ cups vegan […]