Stuffed Mediterranean Loaf – Super Mouthwatering Treat

I stuffed a loaf with my Giardiniera recipe last year, but since I had run out of my giardiniera, I made this delicious delight with the contents of my fridge – and it was truly one of the best snacks I’ve had in my life !  It is such a treat, crunchy on the outside and full of colour, with contrasting texture and wonderful tastes on the inside – one bite and your bought, sold, […]

First Proper & Best-Ever Vegan ‘Egg Mayonnaise’ (Egg Salad) Sandwich

I have been creating and re-creating the vegan hard-boiled egg for many months now – the ‘yolk’ was a masterpiece in the making, but the ‘white’ was simple . . . just tofu.  My British partner loves ‘Egg Mayonnaise’ sandwiches and has missed them. As a student I worked in one of London’s great city sandwich shops called ‘Crumbs of Comfort’  – they made a mean egg mayo and I learnt many tricks and secrets […]