Black Rice with Mushrooms, Lentils, Vegan Cheese & Orange

Another ‘Chopped’ moment in my mouthwatering vegan kitchen. Mushrooms, black rice, a tin of lentils, my homemade vegan butter, and dehydrated kale.   So I rustled up a great black risotto. This yielded superb colours, texture, fibre, protein, and was a feast for the eyes. Serve with steamed spinach drenched in lemon and extra virgin olive oil, or else with whatever vegan salad takes your fancy – great with slithers of avocado too, for a super […]

Spiced Golden Coconut Basmati & Quinoa Rice With Fruity Flame Raisins

This recipe is fantastic – it’s spicy, exotic, with bursts of many complimentary flavours. It’s a winner, and a must-keep. Serve it with my meatless meatballs * and some vegan yoghurt, with a handful of nuts – nutritious, and a feast for the senses. Note :  Here is a recipe for the vegan meatballs   INGREDIENTS 2 cups basmati rice ½ cup black quinoa   Rinse thoroughly then boil the two together, drain and […]

My Iranian Eggplant & No-Beef Style Stew – Koresh Bademjan

I created a Middle Eastern Style Stew but with different spices. We devoured it in one sitting and loved it – it is inspired by my love for all things Middle Eastern, the stews I had at family sittings as a child, and my insatiable love for curry spices and East Indian food. It’s fast to make, and you’ll love this. It has a little trick to make the vegan meat meatier, and it worked […]

Coffee Cream Curry with Rose Basmati Rice & Baked Sweet Bombay Potatoes

This is a unique curry which will have you hooked. The flavours of coffee, cream and orange zest marry well with the warm spices of red chilli, hot curry, fresh ginger, garlic and onions. The end result is a succulent, mouthwatering, slightly sweet curry with crazy texture, aroma and taste – a real, real treat, and with the surprising burst of giant black sultanas, it will have you wanting more and more. I created a […]

Rich Spicy Lentil & Sweetcorn Chilli

Have I said it before ? I think so. I love chilli like the sunshine. Yup, I love the spices and textures, I love the bright vibrant colours, and I adore the taste. Here I use a combination of lentils and sweetcorn, both opposite in texture and colour, bringing visual joy to the table. This dish tastes great as a wrap filler or as a filling for a sweet jacket potato, and that is how […]

Basmati Tomatoed Spiced Rice with Spinach, Mushroom & Cheese

This is a beautiful dish.  I say this because it looks wonderful, and has the most amazing of flavours.  It is easy to prepare and is one of my favourite rice dishes.  I sometimes make enough for 2 days, as it comes in handy if you’re too busy to cook daily, and it keeps well in the fridge in an air-tight container.  It is a kind of fusion, with both Greek and Indian notes.  Try […]

Chard Rice With Pesto & Pomegranate Syrup

This is a rich, yet simple dish to prepare.  The colours are vibrant, and the taste sublime.  I bought some lovely looking chard, and decided to get adventurous.  This is a nutritious, and almost festive, way of enjoying healthy ingredients that come together with vibrant tones, subtle flavours, and a wonderful delicate aroma.  Topped with a simple yet unique leek pesto, this is a mouthwatering delight to enjoy anytime in spring or summer. Serves 3 […]

Smoked Chilli Feast

This is a delightful chilli. I served mine with a mixture of short grain brown rice and pearl barley mixed – I boiled the two together.  Then I dolloped on a couple of spoons of vegan yoghurt, and some plain tortillas. INGREDIENTS olive oil 1 400g tin crushed tomatoes 1 large onion, finely chopped 5 cloves garlic, chopped 2 cups veggie mince (I use Linda McCartney myself) 1 400g tin borlotti beans 1 cup cooked […]

Golden Sticky Barley Rice with Sun-dried Tomatoes & Sweet Pan Fried Veggies

This dish is really quite simple to make, extraordinarily delicious, daring, and real fun. The aromas will be wonderful, and the zest and tangy sweetness from the marmalade marry very well with the awaiting sundried tomatoes.  A magic combo of ingredients, both contrasting and complementary at the same time.  Your buds will love you after this. INGREDIENTS ¾ cup pearl parley ¾ cup short grain brown rice olive oil 1½ Tbsp tomato paste 4 to […]

Very Cheezy Cheese Bake

You’re going to love this for two reasons.  Firstly, because it’s easy to make and impressive to present.  And secondly, because of its taste and texture – cheezy, delicious, and very much a comfort treat, with a crisp base that combine to create perfection.  You will be jolly, you will be chuffed, and all because of this cheesy stuff !  It cuts beautifully, and I suggest a crunchy green salad to keep it company. Revised […]