Spaghetti Pomodoro (Tomato Sauce) with Real Almond Ricotta Vegan Cheese

This is a regular staple in our household – an easy to make, delicious pomodoro tomato sauce, which we serve on spaghetti or penne with generous helpings of my Almond Ricotta vegan cheese (see here for recipe), which partner perfectly with the sauce.  Feel free to spice your sauce up with a few chillies, or perhaps add in some chopped olives, which you can fry up at the beginning with the garlic before you add […]

Pumpkin & Cashew Nut Ravioli in a Rich Piccante Sauce

This post is from our new sister site The Spice Maniac ! Malta is lucky to have Daniel Mangion – I can only describe him as a pasta genius, but it doesn’t quite stop there. Not only is his pasta incredibly delicious, but he also makes vegan pasta with the most delightful and decadent plant-based fillings. Here we indulge in a Pumpkin & Cashew Cheese filling, and he really packs them up, so that when […]

Raw Cream Of Rucola & Parsley Pesto With Sundried Tomatoes & Zucchini Spaghetti

This really is most, most magnificent in taste and texture, quite apart from its health benefits, which are a huge bonus to this delight. In summer I love cooking raw at least once a week, enjoying a mixture of raw food and non-raw foods only slightly heated up to below 115ºC so that they retain their nutrients and enzymes. I cannot tolerate food without flavour, and I set myself a challenge (something I cannot resist) to […]

Pumpkin, Rosemary & Sundried Tomato Farfalle

This dish is a must-keep, and promises subtle but distinct flavours mixed together.  The pumpkin’s subtle flavour, the rosemary distinct flavour, a little chilli and the sundried tomatoes are wonderful companions to this marriage.  Very child friendly (I remove the chilli seeds from the chilli). INGREDIENTS 400g fresh pumpkin (the more orange in colour the better), chopped into small squares 8 sundried tomato halves, chopped 2 to 3 cloves garlic 1 cup (250 ml) vegetable […]

Maltese Style Baked Macaroni

Crunchy on top, yet moist in the middle, this is a favourite dish in our home. In many households this dish is traditionally made with a mixture of minced meat (ground crumble),  usually both pork and beef mixed. They then bind it with eggs – I used tofu instead which did a great job.  Cheese is added, which also helps the mixture to bind – I used my own homemade cheese, but use whatever you […]

Best Ever Pasta Salad – Gluten-Free, Cholesterol-Free, Lactose-Free, & Vegan of course

I knocked up this salad at lunchtime to take to the beach, and it was awesome – really tasty, wonderful flavours and textures.  My young daughter loved it too, which is saying something as she is a fussy one !  The combination of sweet and savoury lingers on, and makes you feel as though you are eating your main meal and dessert together, except that the flavours really compliment one another.  An excellent treat for […]

Fusilli with Spinach, Labneh ‘Cream Cheese’, & Roasted Black Olives

This was amazing, delicious and to die for.  Labneh is beautiful, and I have actually realized, ever so versatile.  I got an idea to mix it with pasta and see what happens, and to our surprise and delight it was so smooth and beautiful, rich yet light – I can’t explain how easy to eat this was.  I added pre-cooked spinach and tossed in some black roasted olives, drizzled on some olive oil, and garnished […]

No ‘Meat’ Balls with a Romano Pepper & Pomegranate Tomato & Wine Reduced Sauce

I don’t wish to blow my own trumpet, but this is the best spaghetti with vegan balls I have ever tasted – in fact my husband said it’s the best he has ever had, both in vegan and non-vegan cuisine.  A masterpiece in taste, texture, aroma, colour and mouth-feel.  Just make it and see for yourself !  Enjoy !   INGREDIENTS FOR THE MEATBALLS 2 slices of brown bread (whizzed into breadcrumbs) 1½ cups vegan […]

Creamy Penne Bolognese With Spice N Zest

This sauce was inspired by my teen years when a friend of ours used to make it with meat and cream, and it was super delicious.  But now here comes my version, actually modified considerably – healthier, cruelty-free and packed with contrasting flavours – it really is an amazing pasta dish.  I strongly recommend you serve this to your non-vegan friends and family if you really want to impress !  Let me know how it […]

‘Pesto Cremoso’ – Super Creamy Pesto

This is the most delicious and child-friendly pesto ever, rich with a creamy subtle taste of the herbs, garlic and cream – you will fall in love with this. If you love cream, pasta and pesto, then here is the perfect dish for you, and fast to make too.  Feel free to add some chopped sundried tomatoes, or even black olives for a stunning looking result.  This dish is also great served to non-vegan guests, […]