Rose-Infused Blackberry & Apple Almond Christmas Crumble – Gluten Free

This year, 2013, my soul has craved a change for many reasons, but we won’t go into all of that.  Suffice it to say, my head has been whirling ideas around that I have just felt compelled to follow.  Textures, colours, and aromas float above my eyes, and what I see makes my mouth water.  To that end, I bring you a most sublime Christmas (and gluten-free) dessert that will have you singing songs of […]


Many people have been telling me that they wish they could prepare their Christmas dinner a day ahead, always concerned about having time to enjoy the day itself.  It is for that reason that I have created this dish.  The parsnips and carrots are already integrated into this dish, and therefore you only need to prepare some roast potatoes and brussels sprouts on the day. Of course the potatoes can be peeled and cut a […]

Spicy Fruit & Orange ‘Chicken’ Curry

Why not create a Christmas curry ?  The other day I found myself concocting spices and ingredients that would make for a wonderful festive curry.  This is what I came up with – a huge success, as well as a finger-licking finish !  Grapes, jumbo raisins, ‘chicken’ and lentils, combined with cinnamon, star anise, curry, chilli, and all things nice.  And then, to really make a sublime success of it, a creamy (nut) finish, that […]

Double Stuffed Savoury Christmas Vegan Roulade/Wellington

Imagine a succulent savoury log, infused with herbs and a touch of spice – healthy, decadent, mouthwatering !  Yes, this is this Christmas’s great main course for you.  I created this, together with a wonderful onion gravy, to enjoy and bring the spirit of Christmas to your table.  I do hope you enjoy this with my mapled roasted parsnips, carrots and potatoes, and of course, any green that takes your fancy – Brussels, etc.  Be […]

Golden Cheezy Cauliflower ‘Cheese’

This is the best vegan cauliflower cheese in the universe – no joke, it’s too good to be true, and extra moreish. You can also use a little mustard, and dip your cauliflower in it (I love Frenchs American Classic) – I will leave you be the judge of these.  Feel free to substitute broccoli instead of cauliflower.  Serve with your favourite salad, or as an accompaniment for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a special dinner.   […]

My Legendary ‘No-Lamb’ Middle Eastern-Style Bake . . . A Flavour Bomb !

I am in a ‘bake’ super zone presently – every cell of my body tells me to create bakes, to fuse, to go with my creative instinct – which I have to say is working overtime – and I can barely keep up with it. Now, I have created a most wondrous bake – after tasting it, I was lost for words !  I merged the flavours of the Middle east with a touch of […]

Diner-Style ‘Meat’ Loaf

This ‘meat’ loaf is gorgeous, mainly because it’s a quick recipe to prepare, and also because it yields a delicious flavour & texture.  It can be made any day of the week, and served with your favourite potatoes, mashes – roasted or fried – with steamed vegetables of your choice, or even your favourite salad.  It’s an impressive piece of work that just won’t disappoint !  This also slices wonderfully the following day – cut […]

Christmas Black Forest Chocolate Crumble

I know that there are a couple of certainties in our household – that anything chocolate gets the thumbs up, and that comfort puddings are always in demand at this time of year.  So, as preparations for the festivities get under way, it’s been my job to have some surprises up my sleeve to serve up when the orders come through to the kitchen ! And here’s one of them. This is for people who […]

The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Roast/Wellington

This is a recipe (originally created for Xmas & Festive times) designed and created for the more ‘purist’ type of vegan palette  – those that don’t like fake meat, for whatever reason.  Delicious, moist, with a wonderful texture, aroma and flavour packed into one impressive dish, it makes the perfect Sunday Roast (and much loved by non-vegans too, see comments below) – here it is, with a hint of spice (omit if you wish).  Enjoy the […]

Huge Christmas Sausage Roast

The season of goodwill to all men (or should I reword that to say “all sentient beings that includes some people . . .”) is around the corner, and we haven’t been sleeping in the MWV kitchen.  Far from it – we’ve been working like beavers round the clock to produce a magnificent menu in readiness for the menu-planning panic that everyone suffers around this time ! So, here’s a sumptuous feast – a HUGE […]