The Spice Maniac Burger

Probably the best vegan spiced burger in the world. This will speak for itself – it’s one of the most magical spicy burgers ever, with tons of umami, and you’re going to just flip over this one.   Mouthwatering is an understatement. This is also a gluten-free recipe, which you will make many times over in your lifetime. High octane ingredients make for the most scrumptious results. Serve in hot pitta bread and your favourite salad […]

Gob-Smacked Sticky Tofu Burgers

This recipe is a gift to you from my book ‘Mouthwatering Vegan’ (published by Random House 2013), available from Amazon US or Amazon UK along with most other major online & retail booksellers.   From the point of view of taste – this has got to be one of the tastiest burgers I have ever had. I am not going to say much about it because I’m gob-smacked at the result. It’s spicy, a little […]

Monster Beet Burger

These taste great. Serve with oven baked veggies, courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes and sweet potatoes – alongside a green herb fresh salad (use coriander/cilantro and basil).  For an all gluten-free option use pre-cooked short grain brown rice.   Makes around 4 burgers   INGREDIENTS 2 cups cooked pearl barley 2 beetroot, peeled and cooked (don’t overcook it), then when cooled, grate (drain if needed) and set aside 1½ cups sugar-free pineapple, roughly chopped 1 tin red […]

Mouthwatering Middle Eastern Style Chickpea Burgers

These are inspired by the many types of Moroccan patties, fritters, and burgers I have seen over the years.  The rich taste and colours of Middle Eastern dishes just blows me away.  I have created these with all these flavours and colours in mind, and heart. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.  They’re very easy to make, which is a great bonus !  I served mine in pitta bread, with my […]

Vegan Sloppy Joes

I tried Sloppy Joes once in the US, and several times when made by my US mom’s friends in the past.  This is my adaptation based on my recollections, together with my own twist, to bring the best out in these finger-licking, bite kicking, heavenly spiced scented Sloppy Joes. All the family love ‘em, and so will you and your friends – at least that’s what I’m hoping !!!  They are crazy delicious, and should […]

My Vegan Burger King

Can you imagine a soy-free, cholesterol-free, optionally gluten-free, faux meat-free BURGER that tastes so good you could become hooked ? Discover the magic of a great taste in a burger – healthy ingredients and a wonderful aroma that could convert any person contemplating veganism. But better than anything ever, YOU can make these burgers in the comfort of your own home, when you like, and as many times as you wish.  They can be frozen, […]

Best Ever Vegan ‘Steak’ Sandwich On The Planet With Caramelized Onions & Mushrooms

The traditional steak sandwich is a fairly simple affair – a slab of good quality grilled or fried beefsteak served on bread or in a roll with a choice of toppings.  Fried onions are a must in my book – in fact, I have caramelized mine, and also added a simple but tasty mushroom topping.  You can accompany this with a simple salad garnishing – and you have yourself a great VEGAN MANFOOD pick-me-up ! […]

Mushroom Walnut & Spicy Quinoa Burger (With A Smoky Tomatoed Pineapple Salsa)

Makes 4 large burgers (or 6 small ones) I cannot express to what extent these burgers where filled with contrasting flavours and divine texture.  As for the ‘tailor-made’ salsa, well that’s in a league of it’s own – once you try it, you’ll never stop making it for all sorts of savoury delights, especially bbq treats.  So get ready, steady and let’s go make these.  Serve with a crunchy green salad. INGREDIENTS mineral water ¾ […]

My King-Size Smoked ‘Bacon’ Burgers ! (100% Vegan)

Just felt like some ‘smoked’ flavoured grub.  Bacon has been off the menu for a long time now – but flavours remain deep-seated in the mind, and have unconscious dialogue with the taste buds.  This is an undetected method whereby memories filter through the conscious mind to the palette, and try to have their way.  They never do in the literal sense – but creative thinking is very much part of my genetic code – […]

Delicious Red Bean Nut Burgers

I have been making veggie burgers for years – even before I became vegetarian – I love them.  These great ones are very tasty indeed, and work very well served on slices of fried eggplant and a raw salad of your own choice.  I served it as described, except I decided to make some mushroom porcini rice and garnished with grated vegan cheddar cheese.  You will not regret making these, and oh, by the way, […]