Cauliflower ‘Cheese’ based Crust Pizza with a ‘Cheese’, Cherry Tomato, Onion & Olive Topping

Cauliflower Cheese is beautiful, and here I combine the idea of integrating it into the crust of the pizza, so that the flavours are both in and out of the pizza. The cherry tomatoes bring it together with a burst of sweetness, and the olives give it a bitter twist and a kick – so that every part of your mouth experiences joy all at once ! Serve with a salad of your choice – […]

Vegan Sloppy Joes

I tried Sloppy Joes once in the US, and several times when made by my US mom’s friends in the past.  This is my adaptation based on my recollections, together with my own twist, to bring the best out in these finger-licking, bite kicking, heavenly spiced scented Sloppy Joes. All the family love ‘em, and so will you and your friends – at least that’s what I’m hoping !!!  They are crazy delicious, and should […]

Deep Pan ‘Cheesy’ Veg Quiche

From time to time I find myself at a loose end, needing to produce a quick simple meal that all the family will devour – and to use up the veggies in the fridge whilst I’m at it.  As often as not, I fall back on the trusty old staple, the quiche.  This one I was particularly pleased with, as I used the well-matched combination of mushrooms, red pepper, and spring onions for the  base, […]

Cheesy Spinach Pasta Patties

I wanted to create something original, unique, tasty, filling, and simple. I also fancied serving pasta in an unconventional way – something that would also hit the spot for summer, as we’re sweltering in the August heat here.  These ‘cheesy’ patties were the result, and I have to say, they really worked. They’re light, incredibly moreish, and satisfying.  I would serve with a red salad – cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, rocket (arugula), and so forth. […]