Green Fruit & Vegetable Curry – with Pomegranate, Tomatoed Basmati Rice


I love fruit in curries, and this one is so mouthwatering, and full of great flavour.  I created it very much with the balance of sweet and savoury in mind, and I have to say it was a huge success.  It’s ideally suited to those times when you crave a curry, but also a sweet, but you don’t wish either to be too predominant.  Great served with popadoms, and my amazing Greek-inspired tomatoed basmati rice.  […]

First Proper Vegan ‘Hard-Boiled Eggs’ In The World !


I am happy to announce that these are the 1st proper VEGAN hard-boiled eggs in the history of the world. Nothing can come close to these, they taste like eggs and look exactly like them – a completely unique recipe. These Vegan ‘Eggs’ are dedicated to every compassionate mother who would rather not use eggs in her kitchen . . . See why here on this link. All recipes and content © Miriam Sorrell […]

A Choice of Two Exotic Spring Salads


More wonderful fresh produce from the Gardens at Villa Bologna, served in their inimitable Ceramika Maltija dishes. Spring is in the air, and so are flavours of the Med from Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes for your joie de vivre !   Red Cabbage, Spring Onion & Roast Pecan Nut Salad, with a Sweet Toffee-Style Fruit, Maple & Balsamic Dressing ¼ fresh red cabbage, shredded or finely chopped 1 spring onion (scallion), chopped ¼ cup roasted pecan […]

Super Raw Brain Juice


‘Super Nuclear Brainstorm Booster’ – packed with insanely delicious raw ingredients ! The blueberry has also been referred to as the ‘brain berry’ (great for the memory), the many health benefits of extra virgin coconut oil are legendary (again including memory), and flaxseed is known to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes (and once again memory – as healthy blood vessels aid optimal brain function).  So, a glass of this in […]

Salsa Bella Ragu


A ragu is a traditional Italian meat-based dish served with pasta, that varies according to region.  This is my own meatless ragu – very rich and exotic, with a wonderful texture and full of flavour.  Serve it with the pasta of your choice, and Enjoy !   INGREDIENTS ¾ cup puy lentils (French lentils), precooked – do not overcook them, leave them chewy. If you can’t find these, try these links : (US or UK) […]

Epic Cauliflower Sunday Roast


I created this a while back.  It was a glorious recipe, a great Sunday roast, especially in the spring, with lashes of squeezed lemon and a little French’s mustard dolloped on top of the potatoes – lemon and mustard really marry well.  Use a carving knife to slice a big chunk of this delight, and just enjoy the delightful flavours.  Serve with a rocket, avocado and cucumber salad.  A feast for the eyes, and a […]

Aunt Polly’s Magical Eggplant Dip


I have had this at my aunt’s house many a time, and I simply love it. I managed to extract the ‘secret family recipe’ from her, and here it is in all it’s simple glory.  You will love this – it’s just so Mediterranean and flavoursome, and goes well with fresh Mediterranean bread and crudités, and a glass of chilled white wine. A great summer treat, and so easy to make too ! INGREDIENTS 1 […]

Zesty Zucchini & Fava Bean Garlic Dip


Dip deep into the Mediterranean . . . A simple dish made with simple locally grown produce.  Villa Bologna has some great produce here in Malta.  I visited last week, and just couldn’t resist the produce and the pottery, simply beautiful (the Ceramika Maltija bowl in the picture is one of theirs).  Their broad beans match no other that I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and their lemons ever-so-fragrant. This is made with locally grown garlic […]