Sweet & Tart Zesty Lemon Drizzle Bites

If you love lemon desserts then there is no question you will love these babies of mine.  Created with instant zest, these slices will bring a smile to the dullest of moods.  Great with a cup of Earl Grey to round off a Sunday afternoon tea.  Or as a dessert to round off a light meal.  Fairly easy too make too.  I think they make a great gift too, and would be great for potlucks […]

The Perfect Vegan Fried Egg . . . Sunny Side Up

I think I’ve cracked it !!  Sorry for the pun – couldn’t resist . . . Very simple to make once you SEE how – like all genius things, they are simple after they have been conceptualized made and served – so often the case with the benefit of hindsight !   I had been creating a yolk in my head for over a year, then I actually made and posted my hard boiled egg, with […]

‘Sausage’ & Bean Shepherd’s Pie

As Northern Europe enters the last stages of winter (or the last storms before the heat kicks in, in our case here in Malta), it seemed fitting to make another comforting dish for the weekend.  In fact, this is my mouthwateringly vegan variation of the good old English favourite, the shepherd’s pie.  But for the protein and bulk, this version is using Linda Mac sausages, and borlotti beans – fast becoming my favourite legume.  Serve […]

Mouthwatering Vegan Timpana – the Ultimate Naughty Pasta Pie

A traditional Maltese dish – extra filling, and very non-vegan, as it’s usually made with a variety of different meats – chicken livers, pork & beef mince, eggs, cheese, you name it – probably one of the most cruel dishes to eat.  But here is a 100% Cruelty-Free version – also Cholesterol-Free & packed with flavour galore. A No.1 comfort food, full of carbs, and men love it ! Delicious, lighter than the non-vegan version, […]

Griddled Eggplant Steaks In A Sweet Balsamic Sauce

I had a beautiful looking eggplant, and I really fancied making something special of it.  I kept the whole thing simple, and concentrated on the taste, colour, texture and aroma.  The result – a wonderful, wonderful dish full of juicy goodness and stunning colours. Here it is for you to be enjoyed as a side dish to either serve with pasta or rice, or as a main dish, served with hot crusty bread, and some […]

‘Chicken’ & Dumplings Special

As a child I grew up with US friends who were in Malta at the time. I learnt so much from them and their families.  The wonderful rituals of sharing each meal ‘banquet style’ – the main dish, with the accompanying veggies in separate serving bowls, really fascinated me.  I loved this daily ritual, and I loved the food at the time.  As cooking was pretty much ingrained in me, I took a huge interest […]

Wildest Mushroom & Spinach Lasagna With A Creamy Cheese & Spiced Mustard Sauce

This dish is super rich, unique and delicious. It’s also an impressive dish that is easy to make.  Make a mixed lettuce salad and a slightly sweetened balsamic vinegar dressing to go with it – I used a little maple syrup in the dressing which danced beautifully with the lasagna’s creamy juices – they just made magic together. Enjoy and please comment on my blog ! INGREDIENTS 7 lasagne sheets (I used spelt lasagna – […]

Express Cozy Chowder

This is a fast and easy to make Chowder – I made it because it was a little cold this evening, and I fancied something a little different. This is the best vegetable-based chowder ever, and will be a staple amongst those wishing to serve something very flavourful and comforting – ideal towards the end of the winter – to mark the end of it, and the beginning of the new season ahead.  My last […]

My Vegan Burger King

Can you imagine a soy-free, cholesterol-free, optionally gluten-free, faux meat-free BURGER that tastes so good you could become hooked ? Discover the magic of a great taste in a burger – healthy ingredients and a wonderful aroma that could convert any person contemplating veganism. But better than anything ever, YOU can make these burgers in the comfort of your own home, when you like, and as many times as you wish.  They can be frozen, […]

First Proper & Best-Ever Vegan ‘Egg Mayonnaise’ (Egg Salad) Sandwich

I have been creating and re-creating the vegan hard-boiled egg for many months now – the ‘yolk’ was a masterpiece in the making, but the ‘white’ was simple . . . just tofu.  My British partner loves ‘Egg Mayonnaise’ sandwiches and has missed them. As a student I worked in one of London’s great city sandwich shops called ‘Crumbs of Comfort’  – they made a mean egg mayo and I learnt many tricks and secrets […]