Apple, Pear & Raisin Filo Pie with Maple Syrup

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Filo pastry, apples, pears, raisins and maple syrup come together to delight your palette.  A truly mouthwatering delight – you must try this, it’s simple to mak,e and it will impress your guests.  Serve with vegan cream, ice-cream or hot custard if you dare !  Enjoy ! INGREDIENTS 1 Tbsp custard powder, mixed into a paste with 4 Tbsp (60 mL) water (I use Bird’s : 2 apples  (peeled and sliced into quarters, then […]

Christmas Black Forest Chocolate Crumble


I know that there are a couple of certainties in our household – that anything chocolate gets the thumbs up, and that comfort puddings are always in demand at this time of year.  So, as preparations for the festivities get under way, it’s been my job to have some surprises up my sleeve to serve up when the orders come through to the kitchen ! And here’s one of them. This is for people who […]

Lentil, Mushroom, Spinach & Spicy Nut Roulade (Your Perfect Sunday Roast)


This is a recipe (originally created for Xmas & Festive times) designed and created for the more ‘purist’ type of vegan palette  – those that don’t like fake meat, for whatever reason.  Delicious, moist, with a wonderful texture, aroma and flavour packed into one impressive dish, it makes the perfect Sunday Roast (and much loved by non-vegans too, see comments below) – here it is, with a hint of spice (omit if you wish).  Enjoy the […]

Huge Christmas Sausage Roast


The season of goodwill to all men (or should I reword that to say “all sentient beings that includes some people . . .”) is around the corner, and we haven’t been sleeping in the MWV kitchen.  Far from it – we’ve been working like beavers round the clock to produce a magnificent menu in readiness for the menu-planning panic that everyone suffers around this time ! So, here’s a sumptuous feast – a HUGE […]

Exotic Christmas Veggies & Trimmings


I have created this wonderful assembly of veggies and exotic trimmings to accompany my “Huge Christmas Sausage Roast” (  I paid special attention to getting the perfect balance of taste, texture, aroma and colour in this festive platter. It combines tradition with an extra fruity dimension, which contrasts beautifully with the sausage roast, and will leave you and your guests with that warm, familiar feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment that only a real festive dinner […]