Easy East Meets West Curried Rice


I felt like a risotto, but I only had basmati rice in the house, which I love.  This is one of those wonderful fusions that really works – hence its name. A delicious and easy to make recipe – kids will almost certainly love this – if they like mushrooms and sweetcorn that is – even though I have spiced it up nicely.  The flavours and textures really leave ones palette with a very satisfied […]

Easy Thai Vegetable Green Curry (Served with Rose Rice Pistacchios & Lime)


This is a very easy Thai curry, which is just so delicious !  It is low in fat and the flavours just linger on your palette.  So if you want to enjoy a Thai at home, or wish to make it for friends, then look no further.  I made enough for 2 days, which rocks, because I have a whole lot of stuff waiting to be sorted out after my return from holiday. Serves 4 […]

Smoked Eggplant/Aubergine & Lemon Pepper Soup


I make no secret of the fact that this soup is inspired by the infamous Baba Ganoush – the Middle Eastern dip.  I love the smoky taste that permeates the flesh of the eggplant, and the contrasting flavours of the lemon.  This soup is so satisfying, warming and tasty – a perfect and impressive low fat soup for all occasions, and pretty easy to make too ! Serve with croutons, or crunchy bread of your […]

Sweetest Cherry Chilli (without the carne, of course)


Here is an awesome chilli for you. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or omnivore – this is a dish bursting with flavours that will make your mouth smile – and what’s more, it’s wonderfully low fat.  The combination of ingredients works so well, this will be a 4 seasons staple.  The textures are so interesting, and you can use tacos, wild rice and/or tortillas to dress this up – I served it with a crunchy […]

My Wagamama Yasai Katsu Curry


This is my veganized version of Wagamama’s yasai katsu curry – I tasted this curry sauce a while back with a vegetarian friend of mine. I couldn’t eat the vegetables as they were deep-fried, and I suspect the batter was made with eggs. but the sauce was quite delicious – a marriage of both sweet and spicy. I tried to savour the moment, and recreate the experience once I had returned home.  I specialize in […]

Beautiful Baba Ganoush


Here is one of the most delicious Baba Ganoush’s I have ever tasted. Enjoyed with smoked hot pitta bread and a drizzle of olive oil, it is in itself a hearty and rich appetizer.  The flavours that merge from this little creation collide on your palette to bring you culinary joy and wonderful smooth and rich texture, which makes it all the more Moorish.  Middle Eastern Cuisine at its super best ! Serves 4 INGREDIENTS […]

Blissful Citrus Thirst Quencher


Here is the most memorable citrus beverage that I have ever tasted, packed with flavour, and, I have to say, also the most thirst quenching drink I have ever tasted in my life.  Ideal for the summer months, and kids just love it too, what could be better ?  Feast your eyes, and enjoy the chill and delight of nature’s fruits here, all in one drink – great to share with family and friends, and […]