Leek, Zucchini & Fresh Parsley Soup With A Lemon Twist


This soup is simply delicious and so simple to make – and the rewards lie in the taste.  My young daughter loved it, and she is a fussy eater, I have to say.  The combination of ingredients result in a very satisfying taste and texture – one of those ‘must repeat’ soups.  Gentle, yet full of flavour.  Enjoy with some crunchy brown bread.  Nutritious and delicious in a bowl.

Serves 3 to 4 as a starter


2 leeks, chopped

2 Tbsp olive oil, for frying

1 large zucchini, chopped

2 cloves garlic, roughly chopped

3 cups water

2 tsp vegetable granules or 1 vegetable stock cube * (Kallo is a good vegan brand)

the juice of half a lemon or lime (or adjust to your tastebuds)

½ tsp turmeric powder

salt to taste

¼ cup vegan milk (soya, nut or coconut)

a handful of flat leaf fresh parsley, roughly chopped

* Stock cube eg here is a brand which is vegan :-



  1. Fry the zucchini and leeks until they have a little colour, stirring frequently.
  2. Next, add the garlic and veg granules, and mix for a minute or so.
  3. Now add one cup of water every 5 minutes, and allow to simmer gently for a half hour.
  4. Add the milk, lemon juice, and remaining ingredients, except for the parsley.
  5. Remove from the heat, and, using a hand processor, add in the parsley, and process until the parsley is minced in the soup.
  6. Serve and enjoy !

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54 Responses to “Leek, Zucchini & Fresh Parsley Soup With A Lemon Twist”

  1. Susan N. Pearl Says:

    HI – Soup looks mouth watering delicious. Ready for it now. I AM Canadian and unfamiliar with oveg granules?

  2. Miriam Says:

    Susan Hi there and welcome. Apologies for typo (just correcting it) – I mean vegetable granules, or vegetable powder to make vegetable stock with – I am sure you have those in Canada in some brand. I look forward to your trying this and get back to me with your feedback. Best to you in the meantime !

  3. fab. Mouthwatering Vegan recipe of the day: ‘Leek, zucchini and fresh parsley soup with a lemon twist’ « world news for life Says:

    [...] Read the recipe, view image and add your comment online at http://mouthwateringvegan.com/2012/07/17/leek-zucchini-fresh-parsley-soup-with-a-lemon-twist/ [...]

  4. Miriam Says:

    Thanks for sharing & cheers !

  5. Jessi Says:

    Yum ! Just made this- I didn’t have parsley so used some thawed frozen spinach (I add spinach to everything!) and really enjoyed the combo of the leek and lemon. I’m sure my fiancé will enjoy it aswell when he gets home :) thank you and I’m now planning to make the other soup recipes you have.

  6. Miriam Says:

    Jessi Hi there and welcome here, spinach is great and so versatile, so it would have gone down well with this – do try it with parsley at some point. I have a spinach soup (with other ingredients on my blog if ever you wish to make a soup of it with a tinge) since you say you love lemon, I think I used lime for that one – soups with a zest are my favourites, they just take the soup to another level/dimension. I very much look forward to your future comments here Jessi. Best Wishes to you in the meantime !

  7. jacqueline Says:

    your blog has inspired me

  8. Miriam Says:

    Jacquelne Hi there and thanks for dropping by with a short and sweet comment. Hope you enjoy my recipes, best to you in the meantime.

  9. Paula Says:

    Hello Miriam,

    I made this soup last week for my friend and I, it was so easy and quick but most of all it’s was absolutely delicious!!!

  10. Miriam Says:

    Hi there Paula, thanks for taking the time to give me feedback on this soup and it appears that you are doing well on the cooking and tasting front. Yes, it is one of those soups that one would make again, especially because it’s also easy to make. Cheers to you and I look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  11. Ruth Brunotte-Tsavousis Says:

    Made the soup for a second time again – it was delicious, I love the leek and zucchini combo with coconut. Very satisfying.

  12. Miriam Says:

    Thanks there Ruth, it’s a staple in our house too !

  13. Michael (from Facebook) Says:

    Shared on Facebook! :-)

    Yes, this does look like a healthy and refreshing dinner soup that can be served in big bowls with crunchy brown bread! :-)

  14. Miriam Says:

    Michael Hi there and thanks so much for dropping by here with your comment. I agree about the big bowls, and the crunchy brown bread as the accompaniment !!! Best wishes your way and thanks for sharing on FB, that’s very kind of you !

  15. Leah Troiano Says:

    I’m so very happy that I have found your website. The recipes are simple and amazing! so very happy!

  16. Miriam Says:

    Leah Hi there and welcome here. I am glad that you are happy to have found my website. I do hope you enjoy this nutritious soup – it’s a time again soup in our household. I look forward to your feedback on it. Best wishes your way in the meantime !

  17. Heidi Says:

    Good evening! :) I made this soup for dinner tonight for my boyfriend and myself. He really enjoyed it, although for myself I think I would add a little less lemon juice. I love how easy this was to make, with very little prep work. Thank you very, very much for sharing such a delicious recipe! :)

  18. Miriam Says:

    Heidi Hi there, thanks for your feedback. Am glad that your boyfriend enjoyed my soup recipe. As for the lemon – lemon is one of those things that is rather personal, some like the zing, others prefer less or more zing – adjust according to your palette for next time. Best wishes your way in the meantime and hope you continue to enjoy my recipes !

  19. Janina Says:

    I made this soup today, the whole family loved it. Very very delicious. Definetly will make it again. Thank you for sharing the receipe

  20. Miriam Says:

    Hi there Janina and thanks again for dropping by here with your comment and feedback. So glad you and your family are enjoying my food !!! It is a make again one I reckon and agree with you ! Thanks for all your kind words. Best wishes you way and I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  21. Laura Says:

    I made this soup for company tonight – served it with Socca and a raw kale salad. The soup was delicious. My guest had seconds. I immediately emailed the recipe to my sister! I made a vegetable stock with vegetable scraps that I collect in the freezer and used it in place of the water and the vegetable granules as they contain ingredients I cannot have.
    Thank you for this recipe. It’s a new favorite!!

  22. Miriam Says:

    Laura Hi there and welcome here. I am delighted that you made, served and enjoyed my soup (hope your sister enjoyed it too !). Homemade stock is great ! I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog ! Best wishes to you in the meantime !

  23. Evelyn Malcolm Says:

    Hi Miriam, made this soup this morning and husband and self had it for lunch. Absolutely heavenly soup! We both liked the delicate flavour, so it will be a regular! Thank you once again. I made a large amount as we had just harvested lots of courgettes, so will freeze for later use. Instead of flat leafed parsley I used curly as it is growing in abundance in the garden.

  24. Miriam Says:

    Hi there Evelyn and welcome here. I am delighted that you have made this soup of mine and that you have shared it and enjoyed it – more to the point you have made more that you can freeze with the vegetables and parsley that you have. Great move. Best wishes your way in the meantime and I look forward to your future feedback and comments on my blog !

  25. Silvia Says:

    I made this soup for lunch yesterday and it was really delicious and all gone the same day! I loved the zing it had and will definitely be making it again soon, although, I will double the ingredients so there is more of it :) My husband enjoyed a portion too which is a great success as he doesn’t normally eat courgettes. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes!

  26. Miriam Says:

    Silvia Hi there and welcome here. Many thanks for your feedback on my soup. I must say I am delighted that it was enjoyed thoroughly and that your husband who does not like courgettes enjoyed it too ! It is my pleasure sharing my recipes Silvia and thanks so much for your kind words. I look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  27. olga Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this recipe. This was the best soup I have ever had in my life!!! :)

  28. Miriam Says:

    Olga Hi there and many thanks for dropping by here with your comment. Another thanks goes to you for putting a bright smile on my face 1st thing on a Monday morning ! I have to agree it is a pretty sublime soup – when I created it in my mind, I knew that it would be extraordinary, but when I tasted it I felt pretty much like yourself. Thanks and I look forward to your future comments here. (Do try my latest soup, although different from this one, it is also quite delicious). http://mouthwateringvegan.com/2012/09/28/split-pea-spinach-leek-soup/ Best Wishes your way !

  29. Esther Says:

    As much as I loved any other recipe I have tried from your blog, I have to admit this one was not for me. My boyfriend and I love soups and just about anything lemony but really weren’t keen on the texture and found the lemon juice quite overpowering compared to the otherwise relatively delicate flavours of this soup. If I try this again I may just use lemon zest instead of juice as I find it to be more subtle but still give this lovely, fresh lemony zing. I ended up straining it through a sieve and adding frozen green peas which gave the soup a beautiful yellow-green colour with bright green specs and toned down the lemon nicely. Thus adapted to our palates the soup made a lovely light and quick supper. Keep up the great work!

  30. Miriam Says:

    Esther Hi there. Thanks for dropping by with your lengthy comment. You say that you have tried my other recipes with success as you say you love the other ones that you have tried from my blog – and yet, I have never heard from you before until now with a lengthy criticism, which I find rather odd since your comment is all about how you adapted the soup to your taste buds. When it comes to lemon, salt, sugar, and chilli these 4 ingredients in particular, we need very much to adapt them to our personal taste buds. As you will see from most of the comments this soup has been the opposite of a disaster, which I get the impression from what you have described in having to alter it to your liking. Again, I hope this response acts to alert others to act with caution when it comes to lemon, sugar, salt, and chilli. Regards.

  31. Brett Cummins Says:

    This is yet another knockout recipe from my favourite source – Mouthwatering Vegan. I have always loved lemon in soups, but this one had just the right amount to set off the other ingredients, and it was an outright winner in the Cummins household. Your site has turned mealtimes into the meeting of the neanderthal primates as we compete for who gets to lick the saucepan first . . . I’ve been known to hide behind the curtain in the kitchen, ready to pounce when the coast’s clear and the others are in the dining room !! Thanks yet again MWV !!

  32. Miriam Says:

    Brett Hi there and welcome here. I am delighted to hear that you have enjoyed this soup so much. I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! Best wishes your way.

  33. Mina Says:

    Dear Miriam, I made it today and it tasted very delicious. Thank you for sharing. Please let me know the title of your book and where I can purchase it. Be well.

  34. Miriam Says:

    Mina Hi there and welcome here. Thanks for dropping by here with your comment and feedback on this soup, I am glad you enjoyed it. My book is out late next spring (some months from now). I will let you know by e-mailing you notification of this Mina, meantime I have added your name and e-mail address to my list of interested people on here. It will be published by Random House and will be entitled as “Mouthwatering Vegan”. Thanks for your interest and look forward to your future comments on my blog. Best wishes your way in the meantime.

  35. Lidia Says:

    WOW!! Again, I am amazed. This is extremely delicious!!!! THANK YOU so much for sharing it!!

  36. Miriam Says:

    Lidia Hi there and thanks for dropping by here. I am delighted that you have enjoyed this soup and hope you enjoy my other recipes too ! Best to you !

  37. Alice Says:

    Hello – This looks wonderful and I will try it this weekend. About how many lbs is the “large zucchini”? The sizes vary so much. Thank you!!

  38. Miriam Says:

    Alice Hi there – I would say approx 6 inches each give and take. Hope this helps, and taste before serving for lemon and salt – the balance between the two is both crucial and personal, but it’s a wonderful soup ! Let me know how it goes and best wishes your way !

  39. Nan Says:

    Hi Miriam- How on earth do you come up with theses recipes! You are very creative and talented. Thank you very much for the work you do!

  40. Miriam Says:

    Nan Hi there and welcome here. Thank you so much for putting a huge smile on my face ! I work with passion and am endlessly inspired. Please come back and comment on my blog anytime. Also we are introducing a new monthly newsletter with exclusive recipes, ideas etc. . . if you wish to be added, just say the word. Many greetings your way Nan !

  41. Teresa Says:

    Hi Miriam Just had this delicious soup for dinner as I only wanted something light to eat. It was so easy to make and was absolutely delicious. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. Could you add me to your newsletter and your book list. Best wishes. Teresa

  42. Miriam Says:

    Teresa many, many thanks for dropping by here and I have just added you to both my lists (book and newsletter) bear with me, it will be some weeks from now before it’s out, but worth the wait. Best wishes to you and thanks for your interest in my book and my recipes. Cheers and Happy holidays to you and your loved ones too !

  43. Bridget Says:

    Hi Miriam, I just tried this recipe out, and it is fantastic. It tasted amazing, and my non vegan friends shared this sentiment. I will definitely be making this recipe lots in the future. Thank you for sharing this~

  44. Miriam Says:

    Bridget Hi there and welcome here. I am delighted to hear that you and your non-vegan guests enjoyed this ! It’s a regular recipe in our home too ! :)

  45. Wendy Says:

    thank you for this delicious soup! last weekend we were blessed with your curry recipe and this weekend this delightfully tangy soup. i have a small one and was not sure how my palette would accept the tang, so i used the juice of half a lime. it was so perfect for us. very delicious! mouthwatering is an understatement.

  46. Miriam Says:

    Wendy Hi there and thanks for dropping by here with your comment/feedback – so glad you all enjoyed it and the curry too ! That’s awesome news. Thanks also for your kind compliment. I look forward to your future comments on my blog ! Best wishes your way !

  47. Katya Says:

    Love love love this soup! I made it a couple of times already and will be making it often! Easy to make and the flavours are so wonderful. Thank you for the recipe!

  48. Miriam Says:

    Katya Hi there and welcome here. So glad you enjoyed this soup so many times and I have to agree with you about the flavours and that it’s so easy to make too which makes it all the more appealing ! :)

  49. Liz Pip Says:

    Hi Miriam, I made this soup tonight and was amazed how great it tasted :-) It was delicious ! I loved the taste of the lemon in it. Only thing was , it didnt look as nice as your photo. The colour of my soup was more green than yellow.Not that it really mattered of course . I can’t wait to make another of your soups tomorrow :-)I have always loved cooking but now am ‘in love’ with cooking all these new wonderful dishes. Many thanks !

  50. Miriam Says:

    Liz Hi there. Am so glad to hear you are enjoying your cooking time and also that you liked the soup. If you want it yellower, then add a little more turmeric to it ! :) I look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  51. Nicole Wagner Says:

    I made this twice so far . I liked extra lemon juice. This was a delicious recipe I’ll be making repeatedly this winter. I’m making the similar asparagus leek soup at this time. Smells great. Thanks for this website.

  52. Miriam Says:

    Hi Nicole and welcome here. So glad you have made and enjoyed this soup and I very much look forward to your future comments on my blog !

  53. Wendy Says:

    Hi Miriam, I just made your soup on on this rainy day. It was simply delicious and a perfect way to fend off the “cold” — well, 60F is cold in Southern California :)

    Your website is a gift and I am so happy I stumbled upon it a couple of years back. Happy holidays!

  54. Miriam Says:

    Wendy Hi, I am so happy you made this soup and enjoyed it, I have to say that it really is ideal for the cold weather ! So glad you found my site and Happy Holidays to you too ! :) P.S. Did you see/browse our new digital magazine entitled VEGAN FOR LIFE Magazine which features my exclusive recipes for the magazine ? Just a thought. Cheers ! :) http://www.veganforlifemagazine.com

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