Mouthwatering Middle Eastern-Style Salad


Edgy, zesty and mouthwatering to the full – this salad is perfect to eat as a main course, perhaps with a hot, crunchy wholemeal baguette – or as an accompaniment to virtually any meal you wish.  Soaked in a rich and tasty dressing, I wanted to hit the palette on all its dimensions – sweetness, a tad of spice, Mediterranean, and with lots of zang !!! NOTE :  The trick with this salad is to […]

Leek, Zucchini & Fresh Parsley Soup With A Lemon Twist


This soup is simply delicious and so simple to make – and the rewards lie in the taste.  My young daughter loved it, and she is a fussy eater, I have to say.  The combination of ingredients result in a very satisfying taste and texture – one of those ‘must repeat’ soups.  Gentle, yet full of flavour.  Enjoy with some crunchy brown bread.  Nutritious and delicious in a bowl. Serves 3 to 4 as a […]

Hot Chilli Hummus

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This is an exciting and hot variation on my own hummus recipe, which seems fitting for the blinding, hot summer we’re having in Malta at present.  Why not turn up the heat a notch more, I say ! INGREDIENTS 1 tin of chickpeas (washed and drained) 2 cloves fresh garlic 1½ Tbsp raw tahini ¼ tsp chilli powder juice of 1 fresh lemon 3 or 4 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil salt to taste (this […]

‘Moroccan Magic’ Mouthwatering Vegan Moroccan-Style Tagine


I have been meaning to make and share a tagine recipe of mine with you for ages, but something always seems to have taken over.  But the good thing being, this is an all-year all- rounder, and can be enjoyed anytime your heart desires.  This is a rich tagine, with long-lingering flavours, that will bring to life each and every taste bud you have – you’ll also realize you have more of them than you […]