Mouthwatering Kofta Masala


I made these koftas with simple ingredients. I wanted a sort of crunchy paneer taste, and then I wanted a contrasting semi-sweet sauce to tease the buds and satisfy all the senses – a medium to hot curry sauce to accompany these wonderful and unique koftas.  Then a mild vegetable such as spinach, I thought, would be ideal not to overburden the system.  A slight twist, with a sweet and savoury mix, creating a very […]

‘Peace Of Love’ : Mouthwatering Berry Cheesecake


This recipe is delicious, rich, creamy and decadent.  I made it in readiness for Valentine’s Day, which, as it happens, is also my birthday.  Full of goodness, nutritious and delicious, it worked wonderfully – the delicate chocolate soft layer on the top just gave it that extra edge.  Mmmmm, just so good !  However, I shall let you be the judge of it.  If you’re nuts over raspberries and love chocolate, then this one’s going […]

Exotic & Warm Valentine Berry Nectar


ROSES ARE RED, BERRIES ARE BLUE – MOUTHWATERING DRINK IS HERE FOR YOU Valentine’s Day or not, this IS the real thing folks – the real treat, and one to kick-start a cold day off with love, warmth and affection. I created this with an inner knowing that it was going to be a master hot drink – soothing, full flavour, it kicks without the pain, and you sure will lick your lips when they […]