Boozy Vegan Christmas Pudding – a Mouthwatering Legend. Warning : May be Extra Delicious

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Here is a recipe for a magnificent Christmas pudding, that will warm the heart, and get you fully into the Yuletide spirit – one of giving and sharing.  At least that is what it symbolizes to me – centering oneself on the barometer of good spirit, and the renewal of hope, compassion and benevolence towards all living things.  And Christmas time for us is all about that. This pudding is legendary because of all the […]

Mouthwatering Spinach Lentil Tandoori Masala

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Ok, here is a recipe that I created because of my craving for a Tandoori Masala sauce.  Here it is – I have included some delicious Spicy, Zesty Potatoes to just up it a notch further.  The curry itself is easy to prepare, as are the potatoes – once you have all the ingredients on your work top it won’t be long before you smell the wonderful mixture of spices, and the aroma is divine […]

Spicy Zesty Curried Potatoes


I don’t often use potatoes with a curry, even though they go down so very well.  They are filling and often I have a range of other accompaniments to marry with the main course.  But I just fancied some spicy hot, zesty potatoes – so I created these for you.  Needless to say they were absolutely divine, and went well with this curry, and I am sure will do well with other curries too. INGREDIENTS […]