My King-Size Smoked ‘Bacon’ Burgers ! (100% Vegan)


Just felt like some ‘smoked’ flavoured grub.  Bacon has been off the menu for a long time now – but flavours remain deep-seated in the mind, and have unconscious dialogue with the taste buds.  This is an undetected method whereby memories filter through the conscious mind to the palette, and try to have their way.  They never do in the literal sense – but creative thinking is very much part of my genetic code – […]

Tortellini Panna e Funghi Porcini – Succulent Tortellini with a Nut Cream & Wild Mushroom Sauce


I had a packet of spinach tortellini that was gifted to me a few weeks back – mushroom and spinach filled – and I decided to accentuate the flavours further.  I wanted a bowl of succulent tortellini and no compromises.  So here is what I created, and I have to say, overly delicious indeed, was the result.  Easy-as-pie to make too. Makes 3 portions INGREDIENTS 1 packet of tortellini of your choice, stuffed with veg […]

My State of the Art Lasagne


I love nuts and incorporate them in many of my recipes, be they raw smoothies, salads, curries, burgers, pasta dishes, cakes and slices – you name it, and you’ll find them somewhere there.  Few people don’t like lasagne – everybody makes it differently, and that’s what makes it such an interesting and versatile dish.  Here I have pushed the boundaries to create a lasagne you will probably want to eat for the rest of your […]

Date and Fig Slice


We love fruit crumbles in our family – we love dates and figs too.  In Malta we have a traditional date snack (nothing like as healthy as this recipe of mine), made with dates and a kind of pastry/batter which is deep fried.  I have a feeling that aniseed is part of the mixture, but I have decided to make a combination of dates and figs in this wonderful oat and vanilla crumble, with loads […]

Amazing Aubergine / Eggplant Parcels in Smoked Tomato Sauce


ABOUT THIS RECIPE This recipe came to me one morning, and I felt compelled to try it out.  It was a winner.  I love Mediterranean food with all its wonderful tomato and herb sauces, and I also love Moroccan food – the tagines, etc – and I thought the use of fruit would give just the right touch to what I had in mind. I complimented this dish by using pecan nuts and basmati rice, […]