Youth in a Glass


Packed with powerful antioxidants, full of vitamins and minerals – this juice sure takes some beating.  There are so many health benefits to this nectar, that it would take forever to list them all.  So here are a few :-  anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic, lowers blood pressure, diuretic, helps treat constipation, aids weight loss, clears skin, lowers cholesterol, helps kidney function, is very rejuvenating, anti arthritic, prevents DNA damage, etc, etc, etc .  .  . Makes 2 […]

Hot Apple & Chocolate Crumble


What do you do when you feel like two things at the same time?  I say have them both.  Green apples that almost dominated the air with their scent, and deep, dark, irresistible, hot melted chocolate – just oozing it’s aphrodisiac magic on the palette.  A marriage that merged into quite a sublime delight – and here is the recipe for you to indulge in – and it’s simple to make too. Serves 4 INGREDIENTS […]

Crème Caramel (Vegan, Eggless, Dairy-free & Cholesterol-Free)

creme caramel 1

I couldn’t take it anymore. I confess that my appetite for crème caramel (my ex-favourite dessert) had dominated my afternoon. I insisted that by last night I would eat a crème caramel for an after-dinner treat. So, lo and behold, my dream came true.  The best part of the dream was that it tasted so creamy, so flavoursome – like one of the most delicious vegan desserts I have ever had.  Making it was both […]

Chilli Non ‘Carne’


I love chilli – without the carne is better all over.  For me taste takes priority over everything, except for the nutritional value, and the fact that meat is not used in my recipes.  This is satisfying to the palette, it is delicious, nutritious and so very full of flavour. Serve with my sour and mint cream and my green pepper proud corn bread (see separate recipe post for this) Serves 3-4 portions INGREDIENTS olive […]

Winner Cornbread


Fond memories of my childhood American friends prompted me to have a go at making my own cornbread years ago, but yesterday’s ingredients really captured the magic in this infamous delicious treat – and I have to say it was an outright winner.  Not much of it remains today, as it was served as one of the accompaniments with my chilli senza carne last night. INGREDIENTS 1 cup of organic polenta (corn meal) 1 cup […]

Moroccan-Inspired Spicy Pizza

This recipe was inspired by my deep love for pizza and one of my favourite dips, which I felt would marry well with the pizza – and indeed it did.  This pizza should have a light base, so that we achieve a thinnish, Italian-style oven baked pizza. The topping is simple. All you need is plenty of chopped garlic, black olives, vegan mozzarella cheese, olive oil, oregano, a nice drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, […]

Moroccan Smoked Eggplant (Aubergine) Dip


This is probably one of my most favourite dips – full of flavour, wonderful texture and very versatile, yummy and satisfying.  You can have this with wholemeal toast, pitta bread, crackers, ciabatta, wraps, etc.  The smoked flavour in this is ever so addictive – if you want a hot version of this, add a little chilli powder and off you go.  So let’s make this. INGREDIENTS 1 medium-sized eggplant (aubergine) 3 tbsps olive oil salt […]

Smothered-to-Death Spud (Stuffed Jacket Potato Treat)


Simply, most people love potatoes.  But if you don’t have the time to prepare a delicious and filling dinner – then get those spuds, wash them, get the filling prepared in 2 minutes, and in just over 30 minutes you have yourself (and your family) a delicious and satisfying delight. INGREDIENTS 1 large potato (per person), scrubbed olive oil to drizzle plenty of margarine baked beans – heat them up with a dollop of margarine […]

Red Vegan Bomb Curry (Potato, sultana & vegan mince curry-to–die-for)


An adventurous curry indeed !  I say this because, besides being absolutely in love with curries, I have spent a couple of decades perfecting my curry dishes. THIS little devil here is an absolute gem.  Words cannot describe the taste, or do it justice. It’s a culinary experience that deserves to be made and tasted – if you love curries. I can almost promise you that this is one of the dishes I expect to […]