Ruby Red Strawberry Crumble with an Oat Crunch Topping


Yesterday I was gifted a large punnet of strawberries – Maltese local strawberries, with a heavenly taste that just bursts nectar in your mouth – sweet, sweet nectar from the heart of the Mediterranean !  So, as it is not yet summer, and whilst my marmalade was cooking, I thought to myself “I cannot make more jam”, and I didn’t fancy them the traditional way with cream. “Something that melts in your mouth and lifts […]

Blackberry Bosom Buddies (Blackberry egg-free vegan muffins)


These bosom buddies are delicious !  Make them, bake them for breakfast, tea or a treat break, because they are soft, airy and delightfully kind to the palette.  The moist fruitiness that is to be found bite, after bite, after bite, is like a fruit bursting in your mouth, and saying “Hi, I’m here to ensure that you are given a memorable fruit boost never to be forgotten”.  These work well with many kinds of […]

Spaghetti Spinach & Mushrooms with Creamy Garlic Sauce


It’s simple, tasty, hearty, filling and, most of all, simple and fast to make.  I love this dish because for such little effort the reward is so gratifying.  So, if you have a busy day ahead, and if you have spaghetti, spinach (frozen will do the trick), garlic, and a few mushrooms knocking around in your fridge, together with a couple of other basic things – then, lets ready, steady GO.  Oh, and if you […]

Sweet & Savoury Moroccan Couscous


I don’t often eat couscous.  Perhaps I should, as when I make it I often wonder why I didn’t rustle it up sooner.  Anyway, I make no secret of enjoying fruit with many savoury dishes – it just gives that wonderfully exotic taste that brings the flavours together in a way that only fruit can.  This dish is tasty and quite filling, especially with the chickpeas, cous cous and nuts, all of which satisfy the […]

Wacky Vegan Hot Dog


Let me explain.  I think by now you may have guessed that I rather love burgers – with a difference – and non-meat ones are the best.  I love experimenting with different combinations.  I was in one of those moods today – a defiant mood – for making a devilishly, undeniably mouthwatering burger – irresistible was the result.  The combination married so well, that these will be top of my list for repeating.  Whatever got […]

Easy & Delicious Scrambled Egg-less Mushroom Delight


Although I don’t cook with eggs or buy them, I did used to eat scrambled eggs – albeit rarely – so occasionally I miss the texture and taste of a scrambled egg brunch.  However, to date I have always resisted a tofu version.  I don’t really know why, just that the thought of it did not exactly draw me in.  But the other day I decided to take the plunge, as both my craving and […]