Heavenly Moist Chocolate Cake

Few people in life don’t like chocolate cake, particularly if you tell them it’s cholesterol free !  There are so many varieties. I had to share this one with you, because my better half loves chocolate cake. But, and there is a big BUT here, he is very fussy about his chocolate cake.  Nine times out of ten, when he orders it outside, he is disappointed – and the same applies to some of my […]

Spicy Bean & Coconut Burgers from Paradise

Well, I simply adore flageolet beans – I use them frequently, and I purchase the tinned ones for convenience.  This time I thought, “I shall burger you for tonight”, and that’s what I did.  Not only that, but I also felt like making something a little different with them.   So I added some desiccated coconut, herbs and spices and, just to give it that extra twist, some zest.  The result . . . find out […]

Fired Greek & Garlic Bean Stew

Very often in Malta, the change of weather is literally sudden, winter to summer is sometimes an instant experience.  In fact, yesterday we swam at a very beautiful beach. Today, we have our fire on in the house – so we have gone from swimsuits to fleeces overnight.  I write to you with assurance that if you are feeling chilled, then this dish will bring the summer back into your entire system – warming you, […]

Festive & Soul-Nurturing Shepherds Pie (with sweet mapled parsnips)

I can’t wait to tell you about this recipe – because I wanted to create something festive that embraced the taste of Xmas in some way – whilst also doubling up for all the roasted veges and some of the trimmings that go with it – again, all served from one dish.  The exception being some fresh veges of your choice – I recommend my “Lemon Zesty Cauliflower with Garlic Basil” recipe (see separate post), which […]

Naughty, Nutty Cookies

ABOUT THIS RECIPE These were made in a terrible rush – but, nevertheless, they deserve a post, because the flavour was just soooo yummy and satisfying.  Crunchy and low in fat, and, even if you are watching your waistline, you can afford to treat yourself to one of these, and then take it easy on the carbs in the evening – it’s well worth it.   Also, they are great for the winter months as oats […]

Festive Pecan & Cognac Pate

ABOUT THIS RECIPE A mouthwatering creation that cropped up in my mind before bedtime last night.  I suppose subconsciously I have been rustling up ideas for the Festive Season.  So here it is for you from me, in advance of ANY Festive Season.  You will love how easy and fast it is to make this scrumptious recipe.  I am so happy with the result ! Serves 2/3 persons as a starter INGREDIENTS 100 grams of […]

Sweet Potato, Leek & Ginger Soup

ABOUT THIS RECIPE I love sweet potatoes in just about every shape or form – they are so delicious, even gently fried and served with a little garlic salt.  I have used them abundantly in so many dishes, without disappointment ever.  So, I thought I must create a soup with them and see what happens if I marry the ingredients together with, say, ginger and leek.  Having done that, I created big smiles on my […]

Rena’s Delicious Pea Pies (Qassatat)

ABOUT THIS RECIPE My beautiful friend Rena – who isn’t vegetarian incidentally – made these superb little pies for me, which my 4 year old daughter also loved ! This recipe is the vegan version for you to enjoy. It is a typical Maltese snack, which usually comes in a variety of fillings, and is enormously popular. These are easy to make, and are not only tasty, but are also fun snacks to have at […]

Healthy Pear & Cinnamon Cake

ABOUT THIS RECIPE Well, I had a delicious looking tin of pears (which I love), and I fancied something sweet but not rich or taxing to my immune system.  I have undergone a little stress recently, and really wanted to create a gentle flavoured and pampering dessert, without it being fatty or heavy.  So, I made sure I used nothing but the best uncompromised ingredients, and the result was excellent – it hit the mark.  […]