My Spicy Greek & Indian Style Pinto Bean Dip

Well, well, this recipe was made in part as a form of experiment.  I am often torn between my taste for Indian food, and my Greek blood origins, so here I decided to try and marry the two.   And, it worked.  Who would have thought pinto beans would taste so delicious in this way.  If you are one for spicy food, then you will surely love this.   Do remember that how high you put the […]

Smoked Aubergine/Eggplant & Sundried Tomato Pesto

Last night I had my family over for dinner.  I had had a very busy day and had to rustle up something really fast for dinner –  something tasty –  and I wasn’t sure quite what it was going to be.  So I opened the fridge, and lo and behold 2 small aubergines smiled at me, and I owed them a deserving dish.   So I took them, together with their leaning partners – sundried tomatoes, […]