Delicious Cherry Tomato, Chickpea & Orange Pepper Salad

tomato salad

Rich in vitamins of all sorts, this salad is both delicious and filling.  It’s a wonderful spring or summer salad and can be eaten with fresh Italian ciabatta bread dipped in a little olive oil and lemon (YumEEE),or as an accompaniment to any light meal (such as quiche) – it’s your choice.  But I am sure that you will enjoy this, however you wish to serve it. Serves around 2 portions. INGREDIENTS around 10 cherry […]

Eezy Peezy Stuffed Iceberg Parcels

lettuce parcels

My mother (of Greek origin) used to stuff vine leaves a few times a year if we were lucky, as she always claimed it was hard work – in those days they weren’t being sold in jars (preserved in brine), so you had to pick them yourself.  I love stuffed veges, and I love a hint of spice, so I rustled up some filling, which took only a short while to prepare, and Hey presto […]

My Hummus

Slide 1

ABOUT THIS RECIPE Having Greek blood (and tasted just about every hummus around), I have made this hummus for years, always varying it until perfection was reached.  Let me preach no longer, and allow this heavenly dip to reach your palette swiftly and surely.  So, let’s commence with the fast process. INGREDIENTS 1 tin of chickpeas (washed and drained) 2 cloves fresh garlic 1½ tbsps raw tahini juice of one fresh lemon 3 or 4 […]

Blood Orange Cake with Delicious Frosting

orange cake

This cake is tangy, moist, full flavoured, delicious and if you love citrus – then you’ll love this !  Let’s go bake !!! INGREDIENTS 1 cup unbleached plain flour 1 cup self-raising flour ¾ cup  Golden Granulated Sugar 2 tsp of powdered egg replacer 1½ tsps of baking powder ½ tsps of bicarbonate of soda 1/3 cup sunflower oil ½  cup plain soya yoghurt ¼ cup soya milk zest of an entire blood orange (or plain […]

My Potato, Pea & Spinach Curry


I love making curries, cardamon is a favourite of mine and it never disappoints – I kept this curry simple from the point of view of spice flavours, as I wanted the mingling of the curry powder and the cardamon to marry and produce a satisfying flavour that tastes great with homemade wholemeal roti or poppadoms a little basmati rice, and may be a little chutney and a tomato and raw onion salad.  It’s easy […]