No ‘Meat’ Balls with a Romano Pepper & Pomegranate Tomato & Wine Reduced Sauce


I don’t wish to blow my own trumpet, but this is the best spaghetti with vegan balls I have ever tasted – in fact my husband said it’s the best he has ever had, both in vegan and non-vegan cuisine.  A masterpiece in taste, texture, aroma, colour and mouth-feel.  Just make it and see for yourself !  Enjoy !   INGREDIENTS FOR THE MEATBALLS 2 slices of brown bread (whizzed into breadcrumbs) 1½ cups vegan […]

Wild Rice Salad


Serves 4 This salad has far too many benefits to mention here – suffice it to say, its ingredients are highly nutritious, the taste is sublime, and it won’t be an effort to indulge. This recipe features in my book ‘Mouthwatering Vegan’ and I wanted to gift it to you to enjoy a good hearty and delicious salad from my book.  Bon Appetit ! INGREDIENTS 1 cup mixed rice, wild red and black, boiled and […]

Creamy Penne Bolognese With Spice N Zest


This sauce was inspired by my teen years when a friend of ours used to make it with meat and cream, and it was super delicious.  But now here comes my version, actually modified considerably – healthier, cruelty-free and packed with contrasting flavours – it really is an amazing pasta dish.  I strongly recommend you serve this to your non-vegan friends and family if you really want to impress !  Let me know how it […]

Raw Apricot Nectar & Cinnamon Powered Smoothie


A delightful smoothie filled with a powerhouse of ingredients –  ideal for breakfast – and filled with super rich nutrients to increase your wellness and balance your system. Delicious, healthy, smooth & rich – a great treat for your system ! It’s an entire meal in itself – if you’re on a weight loss mission, this will keep you going for hours on end, because the chia seeds give your system the feeling of fullness, […]

Chard Rice With Pesto & Pomegranate Syrup


This is a rich, yet simple dish to prepare.  The colours are vibrant, and the taste sublime.  I bought some lovely looking chard, and decided to get adventurous.  This is a nutritious, and almost festive, way of enjoying healthy ingredients that come together with vibrant tones, subtle flavours, and a wonderful delicate aroma.  Topped with a simple yet unique leek pesto, this is a mouthwatering delight to enjoy anytime in spring or summer. Serves 3 […]

Glamorgan ‘Sausages’ In Eggplant ‘Bacon’ Wraps


A Glamorgan sausage is a traditional Welsh sausage, with the main ingredients being leek and cheese.  So I thought this should be an obvious candidate to be veganized.  But I must admit, the Glamorgan sausages I had in my pre-vegan days were a bit on the boring side, so I decided to liven my version up a bit.  I was inspired by the ‘devils on horseback’ recipe, which is usually prunes or dates wrapped in […]

Homemade Smoky Mapled Baked Beans


Beans are something of a staple in the vegan pantry, and can be prepared in numerous different ways.  For example, coming from Greek heritage, in our household we would regularly eat fasolia, which to this day remains a firm favourite with us all at home. However, I sometimes prefer to make mine using baked beans – cannellini, haricot or red kidney beans.  This time round, I decided to take a different route, and to get […]

Orange & Chocolate Cheesecake With A Fruit & Hazelnut Crust (No Bake)


One of the most more-ish non-bake desserts ever.  The key to the success of this dessert is good quality chocolate, and to refrigerate it overnight.  It’s an impressively delicious masterpiece – easy to make, and won’t disappoint.  Great to serve to non-vegans who won’t believe such decadence and deliciousness is even possible.  Moist and smooth in the mouth with it’s wonderfully contrasting texture at the base, although the base is surprisingly moist, and almost slightly […]

‘Pesto Cremoso’ – Super Creamy Pesto


This is the most delicious and child-friendly pesto ever, rich with a creamy subtle taste of the herbs, garlic and cream – you will fall in love with this. If you love cream, pasta and pesto, then here is the perfect dish for you, and fast to make too.  Feel free to add some chopped sundried tomatoes, or even black olives for a stunning looking result.  This dish is also great served to non-vegan guests, […]

Spinach, Ginger & Zucchini Soup With Lime Zest


This soup is super easy to make and super healthy too, enriched with vitamins and immuno-boosting nutrients.  It’s delicious and ideal to prepare when you are on the go, as it will boost your energy levels and help you maintain good health.  Enjoy any time of the year ! INGREDIENTS 1 kg fresh spinach, washed and drained, and chopped or 4 cups of frozen spinach 1 inch ginger, plus extra for garnishing 1 medium sized […]